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VRS Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2018

6 July, 2018 - 8 July, 2018


Troms Langhold & Benkeskytter Forening invites you to MSRC

Location: Blåtind, Troms
Match date: 6-8 july 2018
Shooters: 60
Entry fee: 1600 NOK (payment information will be sent out to all who have been accomodated)
Max range: TBA
Further information will be sent out by mail to those who have enrolled and accommodated.

Shooting program:
Friday/Saturday, 24 hour main match starting at 1700. (Maximum allowed caliber, .30 cal, 67mm brass length. 300WM and equivalent. Max 950m/s V0)
Sunday: ELR match, starting 0800. (Maximum allowed caliber: none. Bring it on:)


Info about the competition:
Participants will be divided into teams. Here we will try and set up the teams so that members of the same club etc will be on the same team, but it will not be for everyone.

Laser rangers and ballistic calculators will not be allowed. You are allowed to measure DA/Temp/Pressure during the match. No wind measure is allowed, and this rule is permanent. Violation of this rule will lead to possible match disqualifisation. Make a table that is easy to read and tested before the match. Remember and set for alternate pressure / temp and angle in the table. Get a truemiller or other tool to calculate distance, and learn and use it through training in advance.
The maximum walking distance for the 24-hour match will be announced in a later info mail. Sunday’s «know your outer limit» will offer significantly longer distances as maximum to exploit some of the field’s potential.

There will be no great emphasis on time requirements, but some pressure must be calculated. 2-pcs 5-shot magazine will be sufficient for the layout on the stages, possibly feeding single shot if necessary.
The stages in all cases will be equipped with the accessory needed to solve the shooting task. But the participants can bring shooting sling, etc. and use this if the stage allows. We’re running the match in a “run what you brought” format. Meaning you can use 15 bags, 7 tripods and a garden gnome, but you carry everything at the beginning of every stage. Bare in mind that no shooting will be done on a static range. Less might be more.

The layout of the stages during the competition will be very varied and can be associated in several directions. So here the most complete shooter will get the best out of it. Should you fall through on a stage, you can feel more at home at other stages. After the end of the match, the goal will be to see satisfied participants who feel mastery and enjoyment around the shooting! This is noting to fear, but something to look forward to.

The competition will endure 24 hours,but to safeguard the participants and the security, a rest break will be put in the middle of which participants will have the opportunity to sleep and eat before moving to another part of the shooting field for further shooting. Therefore, everyone should consider bringing sleeping pads and sleeping bags so that they can rest where they get the opportunity. There will be no possibility to pick up equipment in camp during the match, beside of during the rest time in camp. The participants are transported to and from two different main fields, but must get between the stages on foot.
Final rules will be announced in advance of the competition, and will be briefed before start. It’s important that participants are in place by Friday no later than 1600, since the match brief starts at 1700 sharp.


Direct flight from Gardermoen to Bardufoss (Norwegian flight DY330 0900 Friday 6 July 2018, associates flights you will have to find yourself, Norwegian flight DY335 1600 Sunday 8 July 2018) with transport from the airport to blåtind shooting range. Transportation to / from Bardufoss Airport (1100 from Bardufoss on Friday, 1400 from shooting range to Bardufoss on Sunday) The transportation cost 150 NOK per competitor.
There is also the possibility to rent a car at Bardufoss Airport and drive yourself to Blåtind, it is about a 26km drive. You can also fly to Tromsø, where there are several airlines that fly, but you must get yourselves from there to Blåtind. It´s possible to rent a car there and drive, it is about a 137km drive.
Blåtind shooting range, Troms, Norway. Chart coordinates 69.185028, 18.698402


Accommodation & Food:
Sleeping bags etc. you must bring with you yourself, even if it’s the middle of summer, we are in north Norway and high up in the mountains, it can therefore be quite cold during both the day and night (something the weather that weekend will decide). We will provide sleeping shelter, but bring field bed or sleeping pad yourself. There will be possibility to dry clothes etc in the shelter.
During the match, the competitor must bring his own food and drink, but water stations will be provided at all stages. After the match, all the competitors will get a hot meal served.
Questions can be issued in the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/msrcnorway


6 July, 2018
8 July, 2018


Jørgen S
John-Olav N