Guidelines for arranging VRS Matches

  1. The Match and MDs shall promote Viking Rifle Series in a positive way.
  2. Minimum for the match is 30 shooters and 100 rounds.
  3. All information and match documents has to be written in english language.
  4. “Viking Rifle Series” is a protected trademark and can only be used with approval from VRS Board of Directors. Approval can be revoked at any time.
  5. The VRS Logo have to be visible on all information including but not limited to; match book, score sheets and marketing material for the match. On the same level as the organisers own logo. VRS provides templates for most documents needed during the match.
  6. The match and MDs has to use the VRS Match system to register and administrate the shooters and results for the match.
  7. The MD have to reserve 2 MD slots for every VRS match in the series. The MDs have priority for these slots. They still have to register like everyone else and will pay regular match fees.
  8. MDs, ROs and match crew cannot compete in own match. You can run a prematch, but the results will not count in the Viking Rifle Series.
  9. For every shooter you receive full payment from, a small amount has to be sendt to a Series Finale Prize table fund. Pr 2018 it is NOK 50,- pr shooter.
  10. It is highly appreciated if commercial actors will sponsor the season finale with something for the prize table.

VRS Season

  1. The VRS season consist of all VRS matches during the periode of approximately 12 months.
  2. The season and matches are are planned by the VRS board of directors.
  3. One of the established VRS matches are designated to be the season finale match. The season finale match is changing each year.
  4. The two best match results will count 40% of each shooters points in the VRS season finale. The finale results will count for 60% of the point towards winning the series for the season.

Planning the match

  1. All VRS matches in the VRS series has to be approved of the “VRS Board of Directors”.
  2. Match name have to start with VRS.
  3. Matches should be arranged minimum 14 days apart. We have established matches that arrange their match about the same time each year. Get advice from “VRS Board of Directors” to find a date for you match that fit the VRS Calendar.
  4. When you have the dates and match info ready please let Tom know and he will create the match for you with MD and the assistant MD. When the match is created, the MD and Assistant MD can administer the match details, dates, info and the registered shooters.
  5. Registration open date and time should be set to be on the afternoon on a weekday. 20 PM has been working fine. Format is: 25.06.2018 20:00:00
  6. It is advised to have short deadlines for payment after a shooter has confirmed a slot. Apoprox 2-3 weeks has worked out fine. Then you have more possibility to fill up the match from the waiting list.
  7. The Calender on the website is separate from the Match system. Viktor and Tom can help with updating the calendar with your match invite text.
  8. Advertise your match on Facebook, Instagram, email etc. Matches will not automagically fill up.
  9. All shooters must register in the VRS Match system to be scored. No exception. Registration is open until match end. Remember to set status to Open to be able to enter last minute shooters.

Stage design

  1. Design your stages so the shooters must use a wide set of skills throughout the match.
  2. Design the stages to be challenging and fun. You should aim to get a hit ratio on approximately 80% for the winner of the match.
  3. Design the stages with both easy element and difficult elements. It should be a little bit for everyone and still possible to divide the best shooters.
  4. Design the stages in a safe way for both shooters, match officials, spectators and others.
  5. Reduce risk by good stage design. For example: If the safety angles are tight,  no movement with the rifle. If the ground is slippery, reduce movement.
  6. Write stage brief for all stages.
  7. Stages must have stage numbers 1-18. Please use this number range so the shooters find their scores in the results in the match system. You can have local names on stages in addition, but not in the match system.
  8. Determine points pr. hit and maximum obtainable points for the stage.
  9. Determine max rounds and max time for the stage.
  10. Describe start position and the procedure of the stage.
  11. Stage points = number of points scored within the time available.
  12. Decide the Tie breaker stage before match. Let the shooters know in the stage brief at the latest. Use a stage where time is not maxed out for most shooters. The points on this stage is first priority for tie break between shooters with equal total points in the match. Secondary, stage time is tie breaker when tie break points are equal.

VRS Match system – On match day

  1. Always enter scores on the stage on paper.
  2. Tom can help you download a scoresheet to use in excel. The same excel sheet can be used to upload scores.
  3. Set Match status to Scoring before entering scores.
  4. Check that all the shooters that shoot the match has Registration status Approved. (and no other shooters has Approved)
  5. If you have shooters that did not show up, change Registration status to No Show.
  6. Enter all scores. (for now by excel upload help from Tom)
    • Tie breaker point has to be entered in own column in excel in addition to the stage points column.
    • Tie breaker time has to be entered as seconds in own column. (90 seconds = 90 NOT 1:30)
  7. When all scores have been entered, change Match status to Verify.
  8. Verify all the scores. Double check at least the top 10 shooters. If you can double check all shooters it is the best. Check stages with null points. Errors in the ranking and scoring of shooters would give us a bad reputation.
  9. Publish the results as soon as possible after the prize ceremony.
  10. When ready to publish the results:
    • Note the total amount of points for the winner of the match. The match winner points has to be entered in field Match Winner Points for calculating Series points. This is done in the Match Admin page.
    • Go in change mode on the match-admin page.
      1. Change match status to Final.
      2. Enter Match Winner points and press Update.
    • When you set Match status to Final, the results are visible for everyone.
  11. Note that results main page is Please link to this page when publishing results on facebook etc.

Planned functions in the VRS Match system

Check out functions that are in the VRS Match System road map.

  • Series ranking page.
    • Link on Shooter take you to a list with the shooters matches that season.
      • Link on Match name take you to the match results.
  • Season finale results support. To calculate 40% points from the shooters best 2 or 3 VRS matches for the season and 60% from the VRS finale.
  • Score registering page for MDs. For back office use.
  • Score registering page for stage crew. To be used on stage in addition to paper. Requires at least two crew members on stage. And internet connection.
  • Create calendar view of matches. Can replace existing calendar so MD dont have to enter info two places.

We are constantly developing the solution to make it better for both the shooters and the match directors. If you have issues or suggestions. Please let me know.

Useful links

Match Admin

VRS Rules

Good luck!

// Tom