Viking Rifle Series® position on COVID-19

VRS 2019/-? Season canceled! Early this year an executive committee for the VRS was formed, our board of directors is still active and relevant, but we felt this was a necessary change since the series has outgrown its governing structure that we decided on when we started.

The first issue we brought up was naturally regarding the current 2019/2020 season that has been halted due to Covid. After a few meetings we voted to terminate the current season that was started in early 2019.

With the spread of the pandemic reaching new all-time highs and restrictions getting harder, the uncertainty of when we could pick up travel between the nations again and host safe international matches is a burden on MD’s. Many of our events need a full year of preparation and not knowing if you can run the match after all that work is not feasible.

We understand that many of you have spend countless hours and piles of money chasing the finale, but with the uncertainty of when we will be able to run that finale, we came to the decision that it is best for us all to start fresh when the borders are once again open.

We, the executive committee, and the board of directors, would like to thank all the shooters who participated in the 2019/2020 season, all the RO’s who helped us with the matches and to thank our sponsors we had during such a great season that came to an abrupt stop.

The VRS will be back in full force when the time is right, and we are all looking forward to seeing our competitors.

Regards Viking Rifle Series