Welcome to the Viking Rifle Series®.

The Viking Rifle Series® includes several Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish long range competitions coming together to further expand long range shooting in Scandinavia.

The series is based around common safety rules while still allowing every match director to put his or her flair on the match. We are still looking to expand the series and would love to see more match directors and shooters join in on the VRS. In order to qualify as a series match we require at least 30 shooters and a course of fire of no less than 100 rounds.
On the map below you’ll find the locations of the matches affiliated with the VRS.

Viking Rifle Series® position on COVID-19

During this outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve decided to postpone our finale to 2021 and make it a 2019/2021 season. We have already taken some measures and postponed a match in Norway and one in Sweden that was to take place in April.

We hope to be able to start running matches again later this year and our previous rule of counting scores from your two best matches for the finale will be changed to three if we can get enough matches going before the finale 2021. Read more…